Insert measuring sleeves under pressure

In the field of measurement and control technology it is always necessary to install additional measuring points in existing or running systems (e.g. pipelines, tanks, vessels). In order to set up such a measuring point, it is necessary to insert an immersion sleeve or measuring sleeve.

The problem up to now was: How do I create a measuring point by means of a thermowell without draining the system? To do this, it was previously unavoidable to depressurize or drain the system.

Immersion tube setting machine

With the system developed by GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH this is not necessary! With our system we are able to mount measuring, immersion and screw-in sleeves under pressure during operation.

This means that it is no longer necessary to drain the plant or pipeline in order to carry out the necessary work on a pipeline, for example.

This time-consuming, cost-intensive and often impossible step is no longer necessary when using our immersion sleeve setter (TSG).

The machine we have developed enables us to use immersion or measuring sleeves or pressure sensors under pressure during operation.

Course of the procedure

A connection piece must be welded on with a flange and internal thread. Through this connection piece we create an outlet or borehole to accommodate the measuring sleeve.

Through the measuring sleeve setting device developed by us, we screw the measuring or immersion sleeve into the flange under operating conditions. Now you can insert your measuring device as usual.

Application of our procedure

Our system can be applied to all commercially available screw-in sleeves for pipelines, tanks or containers.

  • Pressure range up to 40 bar
  • Temperature range 0 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Nominal width DN 10 to DN 50
  • Media independent

After appropriate modification, the insertion of special sizes or own designs is also feasible with our machine, which is flexible in this area.

Advantages of the process

  • no draining of the system
  • no standstill in the plant
  • Cost and time saving

We would be very pleased to inform you in a personal conversation about the comprehensive possibilities of our immersion sleeve setter. We are looking forward to your inquiry...

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