Hot tapping - drilling the pipeline under pressure

In order to make emptying a pipeline to set a bypass, valve or a new branch unnecessary, there is the option of hot tapping and line stopping.

The pipes (containers) are drilled under pressure through a welded-on socket and mounted slide with sealed drilling equipment.

Then the line can be closed by means of a flap or a new line can be built from the valve on.

It is not necessary to shut down the system and no medium escapes into the open.

Benefits of hot tapping

Special machines with a low weight make it possible to quickly and inexpensively produce bores from DN 10 to DN 400, up to 40 bar.

Larger bores or higher pressures are also feasible and realizable.

With the exception of oxygen, any medium can be drilled. The risk of fire is avoided by using a nitrogen atmosphere during the drilling process.

Our machines are operated with compressed air and pose no risk in Ex areas.

More than 20 years of experience enables us to always find the best solution. Let us make you a non-binding offer for a hot tap. Our 24-hour service ensures a quick response at all times.

Pump service

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Professional leak sealing

  • Sealing of flange connections
  • Sealing of fittings
  • Sealing of pipe bends
  • Sealing of stuffing boxes
  • Sealing during operation

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Heat exchanger service

  • Heat exchanger tubes check
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