On-site machining (OSM)

It would go too far to explain all the technical possibilities of onsite machining (OSM) here. Therefore, the following is a brief overview of the possible uses of onsite machining (OSM):

OSM turning

Transportable lathes that are clamped in or around the part to be machined. This makes it possible to re-turn all types of sealing surfaces, rework new sealing surfaces, make short bores, turn welding edges, re-turn shaft stub bearing seats, etc. These machines can be used from 0 to over 3 m.

OSM milling

Transportable milling machines. These are two- or three-dimensional milling beams or frame milling machines with which foundation plates, T-slots etc. are milled. The application range of these machines is practically unlimited and the accuracy corresponds to that of stationary machines.

OSM drilling

Various magnetic drilling machines and hydraulic drilling rigs as well as drilling shafts. With normal drilling operations it is possible to produce all types of bores and bearing seats up to a depth of 500 mm and to cut threads up to M60. All bearing seats and aligned bores up to 2 m in length and up to 800 mm in diameter are reworked with drilling shafts.

OSM pipe cutting

With hinged pipe cutting machines, it is possible to cut pipes and containers up to a diameter of 1,500 mm and at the same time to turn any desired welding edge.


A wide variety of grinding devices make it possible to regrind all types of valves and valve seat surfaces, to regrind oval manholes, etc. and to carry out turbine repairs.

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Pump service

  • Pumps repair
  • Pumps alignment with laser equipment
  • Pump workshop service
  • Pumps spare parts production

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Professional leak sealing

  • Sealing of flange connections
  • Sealing of fittings
  • Sealing of pipe bends
  • Sealing of stuffing boxes
  • Sealing during operation

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Heat exchanger service

  • Heat exchanger tubes check
  • Heat exchanger tubes repair
  • Sleeving of heat exchanger tubes
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