A leak creates costs

Leakages often occur in pipeline systems, for example at:

  • Pipelines (e.g. pores, weld seams, washouts)
  • Elbows
  • Flange connections (e.g. seal)
  • Fittings (e.g. stuffing boxes, housings)

Leak sealing or leak repair by GRS prevents the unscheduled shutdown of the entire affected part of the plant. In all cases, these unnecessary downtimes caused by leaks caused considerable costs and immense extra work for your department. These costs can be saved by using modern technologies from GRS.

Normal operations are disrupted

Repairing leaks previously required employees to be withdrawn from other work. As a further consequence, the production and delivery dates could not be met due to the loss of production. When the system was restarted, new leaks often occurred due to the pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Leak removal by GRS prevents unnecessary failures

This enormous change in the regular operating procedure is no longer necessary thanks to the use of GRS, as leak sealing can be carried out under full operating load.

We seal all types of flanges, stuffing boxes, head covers and other sealing connections under full pressure and temperature during ongoing operations. For this we use special sealing compounds that are selected depending on the medium and temperature. In some cases, they are hydraulically injected directly into the leak and seal. Sometimes it is necessary to mount an auxiliary structure around the leakage and to seal it.

These procedures enable your system to continue operating without any problems.

There are sealing compounds for all media such as water, steam, gases, acids and alkalis, etc. Each of these sealing compounds is tailored to the respective medium and resistant to the negative properties of the medium in order to achieve a successful seal.

Areas of application of a leak seal

Our technicians are able to:

  • Leakages in flange connections of all sizes
  • Leakage from valve housings or seals
  • Leakage at gate valves (head flanges)
  • Leaks through cracks in pipes or welds
  • Leakages in stuffing boxes of various makes
  • to be sealed regardless of the medium, pressure or temperature.

The smooth operation of your system while the leak is being remedied by GRS is always guaranteed. A quick response from GRS is ensured at all times by our 24-hour service and in-house production.

It would go beyond the scope of this website to go into all of the successful leakage seals from GRS. There is hardly anything that we have not yet sealed in the area of ??leak sealing ...

GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH has:

  • Flanges,
  • Orifice plates,
  • Ball valves,
  • Slider,
  • Heat exchanger,
  • Stuffing boxes,
  • Pipelines,
  • Expansion joints
  • and weld seams at branches successfully sealed.
  • We have experience with the media
  • steam
  • water
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Gases
  • Lubricants
  • Oils
  • and with more than 300 different chemicals.

The temperatures range from -135 ° C to + 700 ° C.

GRS has sealed leaks from vacuum up to a pressure of 400 bar. GRS masters the entire range of leak sealing during operation. With individual solutions, GRS is in a position to offer you not just one, but usually a large number of efficient and proven solutions for eliminating the leak in the event of a leak.

Examples are:

  • quick and inexpensive flange sealing with brass wire
  • Direct injection with clamp technology
  • Pressure vessel collars (boxes, cases)

Of course, if you wish, GRS will provide you with complete documentation with a TÜV certificate and a comprehensive calculation by a qualified engineer who specializes in leak sealing.

Pump service

  • Pumps repair
  • Pumps alignment with laser equipment
  • Pump workshop service
  • Pumps spare parts production

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Professional leak sealing

  • Sealing of flange connections
  • Sealing of fittings
  • Sealing of pipe bends
  • Sealing of stuffing boxes
  • Sealing during operation

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Heat exchanger service

  • Heat exchanger tubes check
  • Heat exchanger tubes repair
  • Sleeving of heat exchanger tubes
  • Preferred Service Partner of the EST Group

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