• GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbHSpecialized maintenance services for industry

    GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbHSpecialized maintenance services for industry

    • 24 hour service
    • On-site at the customer
    • Leaksealing during operation
    • On-site machining (OSM)
  • GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    Sealing leaks while systems are in operation is a highly professional process from our company's service portfolio.

  • GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH offers industrial services for clients from the chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries and power plant technology.

  • GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

    The valve repair and the valve workshop service for industrial valves is an essential service offered by GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH.

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  • Valve and pump service
  • Leak sealing during operation
  • Composite repairs
  • On-site machining (OSM)
  • Pipe cutting and weld preparation
  • Metalworking / mechanical engineering
  • Ventitest: Safety valve test in operation
  • Pipe freezing
  • Pipe closure with TÜV-certified stopper
  • Hot tapping / line stop / bubble barrier
  • Heat exchanger service
  • Controlled screw connections (bolting)
  • Flange measurement
  • Workshop work

GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH

The company Gangelberger & Riedlbauer was founded in 2002 by Herbert Gangelberger and Hermann Riedlbauer as OEG. Due to the successful development of our customer base, the transformation to Gangelberger + Riedlbauer Service GmbH became necessary in 2007. As a recognised and certified specialist company, we have specialised in on-site mechanical machining and industrial leak sealing.

Since 2021, GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH has been part of the Bardenhagen Group, which is one of the leading companies in Germany with its business fields. Only a few other providers have a similarly broad range of services.

Important services at a glance

  • Leak sealing during operation: By using different, proven technologies, leaks in pipelines or fittings in pipeline networks are sealed during operation and under pressure. With our "leak sealing under pressure" service, leaks are repaired without interrupting operation.
  • Onsite machining (OSM): Onsite machining is the machining (turning, milling, drilling, grinding) of components in an installed state using mobile machining equipment.
  • Hottapping - pipe tapping under pressure: With our hottapping service, technicians from the specialist company GRS GmbH tap pipelines under pressure for necessary repairs. Hottapping is carried out during ongoing operation and saves you having to shut down the affected plant. It is also no longer necessary to drain the plant or the pipeline network at great expense in order to create an outlet or bypass. Interruptions to operation due to necessary installation work are successfully avoided, operating costs and downtimes are drastically reduced by hottapping.
  • Pipe freezing under pressure: With the "pipe freezing under pressure" process, employees of GRS GmbH freeze pipelines with nominal diameters DN 50 to DN 400 for necessary repairs.

Steady growth through high quality guidelines

GRS GmbH currently employs 15 skilled workers throughout Europe in the field of leak sealing, on-site machining and hot tapping. Continuous further training of the employees is ensured in regular in-house training courses. All employees of GRS GmbH are up to date with the latest technology and can be used universally thanks to instruction on the latest machines.

Through high-quality sealing and OSM work, GRS Gangelberger & Riedlbauer Service GmbH has built up a solid base of major customers. Gangelberger + Riedlbauer Service GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001 and SCC.

Catchment area of GRS GmbH

From our head office in the "middle of Austria" in Wels, we serve our customers in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the entire Balkan region from Hungary to Bulgaria.

Job offers (Bardenhagen Group, Germany + Austria)

Job offers

  • We are looking for employees to expand our team. You can expect long-term professional prospects as well as an interesting job in a well-known and expanding company.

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Mobile test bench

With the mobile test bench, Bardenhagen offers a special service for quick on-site testing and repair of fittings, pumps and safety valves in industrial systems.

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Bardenhagen Academy

With the offer of the "Bardenhagen Academy" we want to offer you our knowledge and our accumulated experience. As a TQ-certified training company, we offer a variety of different training courses.

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Mobile machine park

On-site mechanical processing is a special service for companies that work with complex piping systems in production and supply as well as in power generation.

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