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Let Google Maps conveniently calculate your route to our company in Wels. Simply enter your starting address in the form below. You will be shown detailed directions and maps of the entire route. You can view the individual stops on the map by clicking on the directions.

Is the input field for route planning missing? To reactivate route planning, simply click on the orange location marker.

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In our virtual city map you can choose between map view, satellite view or hybrid view. You also have the option of enlarging or reducing the city map as you wish using the buttons.

With the direction navigator you can move within the map or the satellite image, but you can also simply move the respective image section by holding down the left mouse button. After calculating a route, the individual stages of the route are displayed directly. Click on any stage to get a map section of this part of the route.

Pump service

  • Pumps repair
  • Pumps alignment with laser equipment
  • Pump workshop service
  • Pumps spare parts production

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Professional leak sealing

  • Sealing of flange connections
  • Sealing of fittings
  • Sealing of pipe bends
  • Sealing of stuffing boxes
  • Sealing during operation

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Heat exchanger service

  • Heat exchanger tubes check
  • Heat exchanger tubes repair
  • Sleeving of heat exchanger tubes
  • Preferred Service Partner of the EST Group

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